New Born Baby In The Middle Of Traffic on "Thanksgiving Day" in New York

Day to celebrate gratitude and thanksgiving at the end of the harvest season

Crowd in Times Square, New York

Holidays in New York to coincide with the celebration of thanksgiving seems to make city residents must be willing to experience congestion on the main roads of the city, they immediately responded with friends other townspeople.

They joined together to feel the festive atmosphere, took to the streets on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 24, 2016, and it appears a woman, a mother who is pregnant.

Maybe the little baby in the womb feel a different atmosphere in, the baby began kicking his/her mother's belly, whatever that means, the baby in the womb apparently wants to join with the rest of the townspeople.

News is better on a portal site,, today, writes how the baby began to bother the mother. The baby in the womb wants to come out soon!

Great article there, the baby seemed to want to leave to join and witness the revelry that caused long traffic jams on the main street in Yonkers, north of New York City region.

True, these days usually as a holiday. Thanksgiving Day is a holiday in North America, which was held to say thanks and gratitude at the end of the harvest season. And, Thanksgiving became an official holiday in the United States, which falls on the fourth Thursday in November.

You can guess what happened next, congestion on the main roads of the city, the hubbub of city residents occurred in the sprain Brook Parkway.

Therein, a mother who is pregnant, with her husband stuck in traffic, and you'll know when the signs of the birth process worsened.

They and several residents were helped immediately called the fire department to request evacuation assistance, just six minutes later from the phone line, the baby was already born.

The little baby could not wait, nobody can forbid if the baby wants to participate with the townspeople to celebrate the Thanksgiving Day!

Citing an article from the local site, The Journal News, Lt. Peter Connelly, Fire Department officials, saying that the woman eventually gave birth to the assisted her husband in her SUV car, the birth process in emergency situations can take place properly.

The sweet little baby girl was immediately taken to hospital, after Lt. Connely cut the umbilical cord and make sure she stays warm.

The baby looked healthy, and can feel the atmosphere of Thanksgiving on that day. Certainly!

Source:, The Journal News
Image: L Priyanti - New York


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