4 "Selfie" Accessories when Traveling that Make You Cool!

Accessories when traveling which makes you more confident

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Selfie on the one hand is so widely prevalent, anyone who has never tried it? If you open the social media sites, then without your permission, selfie plastered on every timeline and most of the photos of your friends, especially from female friends.

I myself could not get an answer, why are they so happy to do so. But. I'll try to find out why? Say an article in a women's website, write about it.

People can only make generalizations, they can say without thinking, that selfie is a mental disorder and showed extreme narcissistic character. These extremes, I think.

Let's look for the proper study, such as results of a study from the University of California concluded that women who like selfie is a happy woman, because this is the best way to build confidence and to train yourself to dare to appear in public.

I agree, as they also say, that every photo uploaded will acquire "like" or a happy reaction from friends, this can give a sense of confidence. Feel cared about, got response, even the studies show a positive effect.

Well, if you'll be traveling, especially women, this is the right moment to selfie, isn’t it?

A travel sites, wrote about the accessories that you can carry in your way, so your selfie succeed when traveling. Certainly!


Avoid the sun with sunglasses and suit your face, other than that sunglasses can also be worn as a style.

Another suggestion from a travel blogger, so wear a hat as an extra when you pose outdoors.


Useful as an optional accessory to the area of cold climates, scarves give 'feel' different on the clothes that you wear.

Adjust thick scarf in cold areas, you do not want to feel uncomfortable, especially motif made from silk bright colors, and the use of thin scarf on the beach area.

Necklaces and bracelets

Use as a variation, in order selfie more colorful, themed and attractive. To add an accent color when photographed selfie, eg ethnic necklaces and bracelets.

You can look it up in tourist sites, such as when you're on vacation to Bali. Various models are available, necklace and bracelet beads that complement your selfie.

Monopod or selfie sticks

Monopod/selfie sticks used for when you're using a mobile phone or smartphone, very helpful and the phones can provide maximum results.

Another option is to use a tripod, because it does not bother other people and can arrange the angle shoot.

Seeing the results of the above studies from the University of California, I'm sure a photo succeed in selfie, bright and happy faces, it can be transmitted to friends who saw it. Positive responses from your friends in the form of a "like" or indeed excited reactions can make anyone feel happy.

Source: Sri Anindiati Nursastri - KompasTravel
Image: Tiarma P Naibaho


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