'Milktoberfest' is the Vacation in the Library

Event of drinking milk from residents of the campus of Brigham Young University (BYU)

Milktoberfest - Image Credit Milktoberfest.com

Drinking milk seems to still be the best way to make life better, so the idea developed by the residents of the campus at BYU with workers for promotion themselves within the tag "The holiday for drinking milk and doing homework."

You do not imagine this with a party at the moment is almost adjacent to its time in Germany, a party of the world-famous beer, Oktoberfest, a party that gathers all the beer lovers and were delighted to spend the day with many interesting events, including a variety of games and typical cuisine from Germany.

They are different, campus residents of BYU, and I quoted an article from a lifestyle site, that the idea is growing on campus, they are aware to stay away from alcoholic beverages, and not in accordance with the code of conduct on campus, and they created the 'Oktoberfest' in its own way. It was very creative, right?

You should know, that this idea must have a specific name, and born the Milktoberfest, vacation in the library. And, you know that the name of this drink milk event is similar to Oktoberfest, believe that this is very different, and do not be provoked.

Quote an article from the Daily Meal then write more about this in accordance with the event tag, drinking milk and doing homework. Try browsing the website of this event, the spirit of the show to the visitors of the site can give suggestions to them, "Yes, this is the real thing."

BYU Campus - Image Credit Pastelitodepapa

You can guess which way this event later drinking milk, for example the opening ceremony, the students can enjoy a free glass of chocolate milk and delicious pastries in the library. Another event will indeed be better, because they will make it more fun, you can see performances of traditional dance and then provided a game of mini golf in the library, of course for those interested.

And the day will be more festive when about 400 bottles of milk chocolate with logo “Milktoberfest” immediately distributed to visitors of the event. Look at the happy faces, socialize together, especially citizens of the campus, the event was a success, and they are optimistic to hold a similar event next year. Certainly.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Daily Meal
Image: BYU Milktoberfest, Pastelitodepapa via Wikipedia


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