Canna Vine, Wine Mixed with Marijuana

The new beverage is only available in California for a while

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Special wine has its own fans in the world, so as to get the attention of the creators of specialty drinks, especially in places where 'hanging out' from various circles, nightclubs, bars and other drinking places.

I read an interesting article, today, in a lifestyle site that quotes from the sites Metro, that could one day you are invited to drink wine mixed with marijuana, but are you ready for the consequences? There is the worry you might vomit, pass out and was angry the next day.

It turns out there is always a creator of new beverage types are tempted to leaf through, the results are weed-infused wine, not just a rumor, but really there. Just you need to go to California to be able to try a taste of this new beverage types.

Articles about Canna Vine, writing about the manufacturing of marijuana and organic wine (biodynamically farmed grapes) which immediately received a response from the fans, sold out immediately hired by the company of lovers of marijuana which hopes the prestige of the wine cannabis worldwide.

Call it a name in the article, Lisa Molyneux, connoisseur and owner of marijuana dispensary told the Los Angeles Times, "There was a slight burning sensation after drank [wine marijuana] for the first time, but then the effect is very pleasant, and at the end of the night, you will sleep tight."

In her view, there are the benefits of this drink, anyone who drank it will have a delicious wine at the same health benefits.

You can not be happy first if you want to get this drink, it is not easy, because green wine is only available in California. There are regulations on the legalization of marijuana in other places, including in other states in the United States, and automatically not allow consumption of wine marijuana.

I believe this drink will get a positive response from many fans in particular, there is always a way if someone wants this drink, because of the way making can be spread widely, for example through online media. And it can happen in places to drink in your town.

Source: V Probo - CNN Indonesia, Metro, Los Angeles Times
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro


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