The Poison Apples of Love's Desire

Different in Japan, moments of Halloween as a time to express love

Apple Tree - Image Credit Okki Safire

Love, love and say love to your lovers, that as the most special moments in one's life anywhere, you've probably experienced in a variety of encounters with a great partner. All be fine, if someone is in love, even in moments like Halloween.

Halloween party on the last day of October, may make some people were busy looking spooky costumes and want to participate in a great spooky party. Something against the current, in Japan there is a magic shop that can help a person in love, so they promote.

A store, Black Cat Magic Shop can increase the magic power that already exists in the special apples.

Apples are sold specifically for those who fall in love, lifestyle site quoting CNN Indonesia, apple fruit that only grows at the foot of the Dewa Sanzen mountains in Yamagata Prefecture with pristine natural condition. The area is filled with spiritual energy and is home to three sacred mountains, Mount Haguro, Mount Gassan and Mount Yudono.

The Apples - Image Credit E Wijshijer

Native apples with its special name, "The Poison Apples of Love's Desire”, packaged in boxes of black with interesting ornate, sells in a limited number of 18 pieces each worth US$ 105, and you'll feel so strong with love spells that can you drop it to a prospective lover.

They said someone will fall in love with you. Aha!

Apart invites a sense of wonder, why spooky moments such as Halloween even used to fall in love, so the mind is in the minds of many shoppers or anyone who happened to be passing in front of the store.

Citing the sites Oddity Central, buyers who are interested are advised to immediately clean up the apple and recite the ‘mantra’ while thinking about someone they liked over the years. Then they eat the apple, well under any circumstances, raw, cooked, or cooked as pie.

I enjoyed this story, do not know when to be there. But. Love is always meant for every human being. All can happen. And, watch what happens, you immediately have a lover!

Source: M Nasiri - CNN Indonesia, Rocketnews24, Oddity Central
Image: Okki Safire via Wikipedia, E Wijshijer


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