Cardinal Protest New Outlets of McDonald's

The restaurant will be located next to the Basilica of St. Peter

Vatican City

Enjoy a burger at a shopping mall can be one moment of fun for some people, and I also loved it. So do not hesitate to try once in a while when you're passing through one of the outlets of the burger seller in your town.

This time there is a problem befall a famous burger outlets, McDonald's burger resto apparently see opportunities in Vatican City, they moved quickly and announced it has opened a new restaurant at the Vatican.

Article from sites CNN Indonesia which then quotes from The Local Italy, that McDonalds would open a restaurant area of 538 square meters, and cleverly they see good opportunities to establish its location right next to St. Peter's.

It did not go smoothly, as there are several cardinals who live near this restaurant, citing the sites of The Daily Meal, see a different perspective, they think that the restaurant would ruin the architectural character of the historic place.

Indeed, the visible though, if you can be there, see and sense the grandeur of the whole image of the buildings that make sense of amazement, fascinated. Admiration see the works of architectural masterpiece. Perhaps there is a more 'wise' of both parties to find ways to make the presence of commercial buildings do not damage the image of a graceful throughout the region.

Burger DeLuxe - Image Credit McDonalds

Restaurant building may be able to stand, but when the role of the Pope is present in the completion and operation of the restaurant, the story would end in disappointment for this restaurant.

Following the news that circulated then, not all the cardinals do not agree with the construction plan of McDonalds, for example, Cardinal Domenico Calcagno told the Vatican that the real estate McDonald's development plans is official.

According to him, it is okay and quite acceptable reason, he said there was nothing wrong with their presence, the McD. All right, then I'll order a burger one day. There.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti – CNN Indonesia, The Local Italy, The Daily Meal
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro


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