Paris Trying to Restore Image

After confinement and robbery case on the celebrity Kim Kardashian

Eiffel Tower

Kim Kardashian Held Captive, Kanye West Stop the Concert”, the headline earlier this month in world mass media, this event is of public scandal, because at that time, his husband, Kanye West is being held a concert on the stage Meadows Festival in New York, and immediately stop its appearance after hearing about his wife.

As the news, Kim were held on Sunday, October 2nd night in her hotel room in Paris by two gunmen posing as police. She came to Paris at the invitation of the annual fashion event of Paris Fashion Week 2016.

Ordeal for the city of Paris in order to restore its image as a tourist destination that is safe and comfortable, so the article on a lifestyle site proclaimed it a few days ago.

Paris is one of the top three tourist destinations in the world, a favorite for tourists from around the world coming to visit this romantic city.

The city government would not remain silent, citing articles of the site International Business Times, they are putting together a plan, in order to overcome the conditions that threaten one of the sectors driving the city's economy mode. It seems the trials and security disorders such does not stop, the attacks of terrorist groups - which a few months later also attacked its neighboring resort town, Nice.

Paris feasible to worry about its image, one of which is the statement of the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo through a tweets on Twitter about Kim and her family are always well received in Paris.

You can imagine a situation, if a celebrity could experience it, what about the ordinary tourists circumstances?

The city is tempting the tourists from all over the world, regardless of the amount of crime in Paris, such as pickpocketing. However, a leading provider of luxury travel accommodation Absolute Travel convey, travel warning should not have to make the tourists canceled a planned vacation to somewhere.

Citing the words of Leslie Overton of the company in the sites Town and County, "We just need to remain vigilant, by opening the eyes and ears, not to be excessive fear."

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, International Business Times, Town and County
Image: Asti Soekirno


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