"Wonderful Indonesia" Present in Times Square

Indonesia tourism promotion to attract tourists from the United States

Komodo ads in 42nd St, Times Square

Advertising lights in Times Square is always present for anyone who was in the city, on a normal day was the Times Square area is always decorated with giant billboards with millions of incandescent light bulbs in 24 hours.

Advertising in this area has become a guarantee as a way to a proper promote, some big companies take advantage of these media advertising space as well as possible, for example of billboards belongs to Coca-Cola, Samsung, Prudential and Hyundai. Even non-governmental organizations, certain countries, we've seen a few years ago an ad from a news agency owned by the government of a major country in Asia, and also we can see from the other large financial institutions.

This time a country known to the tourist area, Bali, is present there in the form of outdoor media, bringing branding "Wonderful Indonesia" in the city of New York, together look dashing with other giant billboards.

Times Square is a place more lively and light on this earth, in the words of Elisabeth Hutagaol of the Ministry of Tourism Indonesia in the article on the sites KompasTravel, today, this area is a 'point' of tourists in the world who visited New York, where the citizens of New York crowding and there is also a product in the world to advertise.

Borobudur Temple ads in 42nd St, Times Square

Travellers from the United States is expected to be more familiar with other options traveled in Southeast Asia, where America has become one of many countries in the world which is the goal of promotion, in addition to France, Britain, Russia, Japan, China and other European countries.

Perhaps, as the expectations of this ad campaign from September 26 until October 24, 2016, four icon of tourism in Indonesia plastered to represent the spectacular tourist places in Indonesia, such as Borobudur Temple in Central Java, Plengkung G-Land Coast in Banyuwangi, Gebogan in Bali and Komodo National Park in Labuan Bajo.

The October is the month in which the people will be planning a holiday, may have largely know the island of Bali, but there are still many options present.

Indonesia is not only Bali. And, you'll be fascinated to see other options skyline.

Source: WA Prodjo - KompasTravel, Ministry of Tourism Indonesia
Image: Ministry of Tourism Indonesia


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