77 Countries Attend International Coffee Day

International Coffee Organization (ICO) agreed October 1st as the International Coffee Day

The best coffee is always sought after by people anywhere, especially fans of coffee, there are a variety of flavors and there are various types of blends are capable of being longing for someone. Not a day goes by without a cup of coffee, enjoy a caffeine steeping own way to spend the day.

Coffee commodity to be special for anyone, and of course this is a marker that coffee is able to stir up the people, every person who is the coffee lovers should know the story since the coffee is grown up to the cup you're ready to drink, including for the agency ICO.

They invited a variety of coffee association to participate, citing an article in a lifestyle site, a moment worth celebrating every year, Saturday, October 1st as a moment of celebration coffee journey from farm to shop.

According to the news on the site, there were 17 countries including USA, Canada, Japan, Scotland, Ethiopia, United Kingdom and Australia are celebrating Coffee Day on September 29, then at a meeting in 2014, ICO inaugurated October 1st as the International Coffee Day in London, England.

Anyone worth enjoying and celebrating this special day, ICO calls on their site and a bridge for communication, creativity, culture, fun activities and community level.

Maybe you will be in Jakarta, the city will celebrate the next 15 to 16 October, the event "Jacoweek 2016", Jakarta Coffee Week 2016. Attending a festival of coffee, feel the atmosphere, increase knowledge about coffee, and finally feel the sensation.

Coffee is known as a universal language, that was presented at ICO site, I think it is true and deserved a cup of coffee as a trigger for a nuanced conversation of friends at the weekend.

As one friend at a café in this town, "The days of me beautifully filled by a gulp of coffee. At least three or four cups of coffee I spent every day, morning, noon, afternoon, and night."

Source: Megiza - CNN Indonesia, ICO
Image: Pingkan Djayasupena


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