Whisky or Whiskey?

You often find two versions of writing the name of this barley drink

Café in Naples, Italy

Types of beverage made from barley has a group of fans individually, sometimes people enjoy a variety of reasons, and they unconsciously did order this drink. It just happened when it was in front of the bar or café.

When your order has been present in front of your desk, you do not care anymore, whether the beverage is written 'whisky' or also written as 'whiskey'.

An article written about this kind of drink, you might want to know before the weekend, they wrote that the drink is always served well in the bottle. And you can pay attention, it turns out there were two versions of writing the name of this barley-based drinks.

The inscription on the article said that in real, these drinks are often written as whisky, and whiskey. Which of the two is correct?

Let us seek the opinion of an drinks expert, Randall Tan, brand advocate of Edrington The Macallan in the Westin Hotel, recently.

"Both are equally true. Both are also equally alcoholic beverages are of course the same, the difference is only in the writing of the use of 'e' and the other is not."

Now you're convinced that if they were the same, but still beg the question, where the real difference? Randall Tan said, the difference between whisky and whiskey mention is because of the country trace of origin is different. Alright then.

After reading this article, you can distinguish the mention of whisky produced of Scotland, Canada, Australia, Japan and Europe, while for writing with an extra 'e', ​​is the kind of drink produced in Ireland and America.

He added further, "If there is no 'e' in its name, the 'e' is a must-read."

As the article on the sites CNN Indonesia quoting from Whiskyforeveryone.com sites, the addition of the letter 'e' in this whiskey was brought to America by Irish immigrants.

Quite clear now because there are geographical considerations and the accent of a nation can affect, spelling differences is due to the translation of the word in the Gaelic original language of Scotland and Ireland. Then for the Americas region, they add an 'e' is used to indicate whiskey made since the 1700s.

All is clear and this is definitely fun, and this weekend will be great in a café in the city center.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia
Image: A Burhan Amien


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