Canada, the Best Travel Destination

Following the list of “The Lonely Planet Traveller 2017”

Kinsol Trestle from riverside road

Traveling is fun, and that's the indisputable fact according to many studies conducted by experts, so the desire for travel can be understood if one wants to do, the best traveling, and the best place anyway.

That was the thought that flashed in the hearts of most tourists everywhere they’re, although in practice traveled involves many factors, so the travel sites selection can be adapted to many other things.

Well, maybe you've prepared everything, so the last step is to immediately decide tourist destinations. Then where?

Interesting article on the CNN Indonesia, about Canada as a result of the processing of the release of the list from the Lonely Planet sites in October each year, based on the travel experience of the authors.

The sites wrote, "Of course the places chosen are unique and have a good development. There are many new things that can be done tourists there."

Canada tops the list, a country with the most beautiful natural scenery that is worth a visit. This country gives happiness to its citizens, provided 46 national parks spread across a number of territories, from Vancouver, Montreal to Toronto.

Happiness of about 35 millions of inhabitants can easily be expressed to the tourists, and in the times to come will be presented more moments of celebration that can be visited by tourists. Given the country will be celebrating their 150th anniversary.

It is natural that the traveler planning a trip to the north region of the American continent, can participate in a variety of festival events, cultural arts and culinary events held in various major cities.

The advantage for tourists when utilizing the present moment, so the article said, because the tourists who intend to visit also certainly will not go bankrupt after the holidays, because of the declining value of the Canadian dollar arguably an advantage.

Unexpected advantage for the traveler on monetary moments like that, maybe even other tourist areas in the world may also be considered.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Lonely Planet
Image: Vrsmith via Wikipedia


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