Google Comes with Special Traveling Applications

Make the traveler comfortable when making their travel list

Google Trip totally new, and new, launching in several Southeast Asian countries, such as Indonesia and Malaysia. As stated by Eric Zimmerman, Director of Product Management Travel Google, Wednesday, October 19, 2016, citing the site detikTravel, when he was launching the Google Trip apps, in Google's Office, Jakarta, "People want to make your trip faster. They wanted it there in the palm of their hands."

True, as said in the article on that site, the application is expected to make a traveler uncomfortable when you want to make a list of the trip. Applications that provide convenience for booking tickets, hotels or hostels and make itinerary, all prepared in the Google Trip included in the offline condition.

Say you as if it was in the office of a travel agent, though has its own advantages, because everything about a traveler will be stored and used as a guide in selecting a destination when planning a trip. Of course, after downloading this apps, do not have to bother to register, as directly using google account only.

Zimmerman made some sort of promotion on the application, "If in my Gmail account I wrote that I like the museum, the museum destinations will appear. If not, then the museum will not appear as a destination of choice."

This application has a variety of related features, such as features Travel Guide, which helps when filling destinations in our search columns, then the top destinations will come out as a review. Complete with pictures, making it easier for a traveler to imagine. Then there are features Plan Trip, help a traveler to calculate the budget without the need to use a calculator, so maybe one day to plan a holiday in Paris with a minimal budget.

Another feature is the Itinerary that will help a traveler at the destination, they only need to write down the name of a place to eat a number of destinations will appear.

I think it helped, because after trying these applications can provide a new perspective, a traveler can click many sights in one place, and leave the details of the travel time and the review.

Try this app makes sightseeing trip with friends will feel more complete and convenient, only with an accompanying smartphone.

Source: Bona - detikTravel, Google Office Jakarta
Image: Emirates


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