Stress-Free Travel from the Stewardess - 2

Suggestion that trips you can take with calm and pleasant

Using air travel trips are the best way to be able to quickly reach a tourist destination, is it natural that every traveler has a desire to quickly arrive at a tourist destination. Moreover, when you use the aircraft, always want to travel can take place properly and comfortably.

This article is the second part of the previous article, which addressed four suggestions of the flight attendants so that your travel journey takes place comfortably and safely.

Four great suggestion based on a review of the flight attendants on their way to various places in the world. Furthermore, four additional suggestions in this article.

5. Avoid traveling when you have the flu

Health is a basic foundation before traveling far in the tour, one of the adverse effects such as a flight attendant experience, almost lost her hearing after a stint when she was sick with the flu.

"Make sure're not experiencing flu while undergoing flight. Because of the difference in air pressure was excruciating eardrum was clogged."

6. Turn off electronic devices, began reading and drinking tea

Look for other activities to killing time, listen to music or watch a movie while doing low. You can also use the time to rest. Suggestions from the flight attendant to fall asleep quickly is to read and drink hot tea.

"Electronic equipment makes the mind is always busy. Reading and drinking tea can calm the mind and make fast asleep. Do it over if it continues to build."

7. Do not carry a lot of clothes

Generally the hotel provides a service or laundry. If the hotel offer, the advice to not bring many clothes when traveling (can ask first by phone/e-mail before going to the hotel). There is a technique to roll clothes instead of folding clothes to save space suitcase.

"The longer the duration of travel, the less clothes I had brought. It is better to fill the suitcase with souvenirs than dirty clothes."

8. Wear clothing pockets

When you face a long queue at the checkpoint, a flight attendant suggested that travelers wear clothing with pockets to store all purposes, ranging from tickets, passports and other identification.

"By speeding up the line, you should prepare everything that will be checked in one bag. Plus, it looks hasty while looking for it raises the suspicion of the security forces."

Eight good advice in two passages of the air stewardess, citing articles of a lifestyle site. Travelers soon got an interesting picture of the dynamics of air travel in order to get to the various tourist attractions.

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Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, The Independent
Image: Ni Kdk R Riyanti


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