Five Mistakes When Order Wine

Sip the wine taste wealth with people nearby

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Ordered a glass of wine with someone you love can be a wonderful moment in a romantic dinner this weekend. You will prepare this event as possible, because you want to give the best to her, a special person.

This was the moment awaited by many couples who are in love, and it was worth you give to the couple.

But. You know for sure, if the ordered wine is not as easy as ordering fresh iced tea, and the situation will be different if you did have the experience, you're an expert in wine and know what to choose among a row of wine list.

A lifestyle site wrote about the five errors in determining the wine for dinner later.

1. Choose the second cheapest wine

This is a common occurrence, because many people are aware do not know which wine to be ordered. Finally, choose the cheapest, but that does not look 'too cheap', the tendency of people is to choose the second cheapest.

You should know this is not recommended, the price of wine is usually aligned with the wealth of taste owned. You'd better ask the waiter and express the desired budget.

2. No matter the temperature

White wine or champagne and you feel the drinks coming not cold enough, immediately ask the waiter to cool back for a while.

Better you ask to be brought cooler bottle, or place the bottle in an ice bucket so that the taste of wine that will be drunk so much the better.

3. Fear of the name

Many people are not so ordered wine to be desired because it has a name that is hard or worry not pronounce correctly. Then tend to choose a wine that can be spoken well.

Needless to shame, because there are other ways to show the name of the wine to the waiter.

4. Acting excessive

Drinking wine does have a particular procedure, for some people who understand it. But for the less one knows, they tend to perform redundant actions to make it look 'understand wine'.

Needless to excess, for example, be excessive as to understand wine as rotating the glass, smell it, to the dreamy wine up to the light.

5. Provoked

The sommeliers and waiters will often try to influence your desires in choosing a wine with some tricks and recommendations.

But the advice they were less successful, because it is not to your liking, and even often exceed the budget you have, or you find something else that would like to be tasted.

Confident, and do not let them incite you, starting with delicate, so book as you see fit.

Most important of all was the dinner you can both run well, wine making it better for you two as a couple.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Daily Meal
Image: Hello Kitty


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