Train Station built under The Great Wall

China government's preparations to host the 2022 Olympics

The Great Wall, China

The Great Wall of China was always filled with the presence of tourists, as communicated by the China National Tourism Administration, visitors to one of these travel sites in one day reached 30,000 people during the Chinese New Year.

As ever written previous articles on this blog site, the presence of tourists from within China will increase, especially at the moment of the Golden Week, which takes place during the week of October 1 to 7.

The presence of tourists from within the country has increased significantly to this region, especially later estimated at big moments - including a world sports events - which may involve the presence of tourists from foreign countries.

The Chinese government anticipates a surge in visitor attendance, citing The Guardian, and did not wait long, preparations were made for the construction of a train station in order to welcome the Olympic Games in 2022 with a budget of up to US $ 400 billion with four train lines from east to west and four lanes from north to south.

It will build at Badaling, the most visited spot by tourists who come to the Great Wall, which is about 80 kilometers from Beijing.

I will quote a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, which also cover this story, wrote that the train station is very broad, as said by Chen Bin, director of the construction of China Railway No. 5, is contained in the newspaper People's Daily, "Badaling Station would be 102 meters below ground level, with a construction area of 36,000 square meters, equivalent to five times the size of a football field, making it the deepest and largest in the world."

Implementation of this development is the ease for people to migrate, for example, the train station will connect between Beijing and Zhangjiakou, which became the locations of the Olympic event.

Of course the construction of a train station is a good news for the tourists who will visit the mainland, but the expectation behind it, it will not spoil this spectacular attraction - which is already included in the list of UNESCO world heritage sites.

Source: R Indra – CNN Indonesia, The Guardian
Image: Severin.stalder via Wikipedia


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