Cappuccino preferably before 10 am

Appropriate viewing habits in the country of origin Italy

The Café, Italy

Ordered a cappuccino should be done by you, whenever you want, even by those who are fond of this type of coffee concoction. You know not that kind of presentation is kind of nice coffee cappuccino served with steamed milk, but can not be made arbitrarily when in its native country.

Italy is the land of coffee, many ways of serving coffee that make anyone fascinated, you can see the baristas of this country and other ingredients to mix coffee, milk, hazelnut and others.

In many countries, the greatness of the Italian coffee blends so well known, and you immediately know when the cappuccino had a lot of fans.

As delivered since the beginning of the preceding paragraph, was in its home country, Italy, nobody ordered a cappuccino later than 10:00 am in the morning.

Citing the travel sites, KompasTravel, in an interview with coffee experts from Italy as well Export Manager of Zicaffe coffee machine maker, Giuseppe Trovato, Saturday, October 1, 2016, where he says, "The Italians drink cappuccino only for breakfast."

Sure there have been someone who was curious, why?

He explained, "Cappuccino contains more milk than coffee, so full of calories," this is because the content of the milk can make your stomach like a full breakfast.

However, customary in Italy does not mean to be implemented strictly, it is precisely the presence of tourists in various cities in Italy, made a lot of coffee shops in Italy that serves cappuccino until noon, except after (afternoon and evening) they no longer serve the demand for it.

Coffee shops in Italy continue to serve the demand of the tourists, said the tourist site, because since the day, you can order 'un caffe, per favore'. At this moment the grain in the form of a small cup of espresso served with water as a neutralizer flavor.

Menu in the afternoon immediately changed, there is still another coffee serving menu could you earn, please order caffe macchiato or caffe doppio (double espresso) to facilitate digestion. And, at night there is appropriate menu for you, just like the Italians, provided caffe corretto which is a type of coffee that mixed with one shot liquor.

Maybe one day you visit this country, enjoying the origin serving different types of coffee, and do not be surprised every region there has its own coffee variants.

For example city of Venice create coffee grain espresso, while the region of Trentino you can find cappucinno Viennese the coffee dish served with a mixture of chocolate and cinnamon, then in Naples there is a variant specially blended coffee hazelnut cream.

Then, if you really wanted a cappuccino in the afternoon or in the evening, preferably before you go to Italy.

Source: S Anindiati Nursastri - KompasTravel
Image: A Burhan Amien


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