Swedish Beer St. Eriks Making Exclusive Snack Chips

Expensive beer paired with expensive snacks as a friend to drink beer

St Eriks Potato Snacks - Image Credit St Eriks Brewery

Drinking a glass of beer is the coolest moment in a weekend if you're waiting for a friend at the bar, your friend may even want to join together to enjoy an extra glass of beer.

I guarantee your friends will ask for a snack as a friend to talk, and the more the merrier night accompanied by laughter off in a drinking vessel.

I wonder what the basis of the idea of a well-known beer brand manufacturers from Sweden, St. Eriks, according to excerpts of a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, they, the brewer would make an exclusive snack, and it is quite feasible to accompany the fans from the hubbub of the night.

According to a sites Oddity Central, the St. Eriks not going to pair beer with potato chips product that already exists, such as Lays or Pringles, you will be surprised because their chips are quite expensive as a friend to drink beer, St. Eriks sell as many as 100 boxes at a price of US $ 56 (meaning the potato chips valued US $ 11).

Said Marcus Friari, as manager of the brewer, "St. Eriks is a brand of beer celebrated in Sweden and we are very happy about it. But at the same time, we are also sad because they can not provide a snack with equal status with our beer."

That's how they promote, and they are so convinced that beer on board must be paired with a snack on board anyway, an exclusive snack products. Potato chips output of St. Eriks is packaged in an elegant black box, containing five chips with its own place.

For fans of beer, the presence of these chips bring curiosity, chips made in by the reliably chéf with special materials, such as matsutake mushrooms plucked from the pine forests of northern Sweden, seaweed from the waters of the Faroe Islands, crown dill on the peninsula Bjare, leksand onions growing in the small town of Leksand, Sweden, and the last of India pale ale wort, which is equal to the basic ingredients of Pale Ale beer belonging to St. Eriks.

"Potatoes taken from Ammarnäs steep hills and rocky slopes full, precisely on the south side where almond potatoes cultivated and grown in unlimited quantities."

An event taking place is going to be different, you and your friends can enjoy a special snacks, that made by hand. And nights at the weekend will continue with great fanfare.

Source: M Nasiri, CNN Indonesia, Oddity Central
Image: St Eriks Brewery


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