Trump versus Hillary Freakshakes

The Diner creating unique menus inspired by the candidates for President of the United States

Picadilly Circus, London

Restaurant in London, saw a great opportunity to create a special menu for guests, especially ahead of the third debate, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, this is a sweet drink for the visitors of resto.

Then you're worth a visit to this restaurant, quoting the sites Mashable, a restaurant, The Diner serves guests with milkshakes with various toppings including cake or bread, ice cream, candy, etc., are given names these days are very famous, Trump versus Hillary freakshakes.

Perhaps in general we've enjoyed similar drinks of milkshakes, people really like to be creative with this drink, creative hands capable of making the urban community can enjoy, which is categorized as a dessert.

When these drinks have special names, and were able to tempt anyone been to a restaurant, maybe you're with a special friend, and wanted to surprise her/him, and when you look at the row of menu list, something will tempt you. The menu was impressed named quite strange, and would soon ask the waiter.

Articles written about this menu, 'The Trump Shake' made of strawberry gelato, milk, marshmallow, candy, lollipops and cotton candy all in red, and then you will see the towering yellow topping reminiscent of blond hair of Trump.

Then for Hillary, provided the menu called 'The Hillary Shake' made of bubblegum ice cream, milk, marshmallow, candy, lollipops and cotton candy all blue, then you will see this shake is also given a picture of Hillary's face.

Indeed, we need a vacation to London to find a unique menu, try walking to neighborhood of Covent Garden, The Strand and SOHO, you can find this restaurant, The Diner'll welcome and can enjoy the freakshakes for US$ 12, also with its blue and red refer the color of the Republican Party and the Democratic Party in the US.

But we have to wait for the right time to enjoy it there, starting this week until November 8, 2016.

Source: V Probo – CNN Indonesia, Mashable
Image: Delia D Barlian


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