Chinese Tourists Visits were on Top Rated

Successful promotion of programs “Wonderful Indonesia”

Kecak Dance, Uluwatu is one of the favorite by the Chinese Tourists in Bali

Visit to Indonesia seems to be a part of most of the tourists from China at this time, it can be considered as the success of the program of the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia, "Wonderful Indonesia".

No one expected when then direct origin of tourist arrivals shot up to the top rank, shifting the other travelers who usually always at most to this archipelago, say countries such as Singapore, Australia, Malaysia and Japan.

Note of the Ministry of Tourism on Friday, October 7, the January-August 2016 period, many Chinese tourists came to Indonesia, in line with data from the Central Bureau of Statistics, the number of Chinese tourists who traveled to Indonesia in the period reached 980.184 peoples.

Even the last record for the month of August 2016, tourists from China also had ranked at the top, with the number of visits reached 148.616 people, and in general the number of visits reached more than one million tourist arrivals.

This island country is aggressively opening up to tourism, one of the government's policy is a policy of visa exemption Visits. Policies that immediately received a response from the Ministry of Tourism, to promote the policy and then apply the visa-free policy to 169 countries, and some are China, Australia and Japan.

The marketing strategy of "go digital" is considered a powerful boost tourist arrivals from China, by cooperating with major technology companies from China, Baidu search engine provider and payment service provider Ctrip.

Citing a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, I Gde Pitana, Deputy Tourism Marketing Development in Jakarta, Friday, October 7, saying, "Go digital become demands in seizing the world market, especially tourists from China. Because the search for tourism information, they've done digitally."

Not surprising that today we more often see a direct flight from China, from the cities of tourist resources in China to leading destinations in this white sandy beaches country.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Ministry of Tourism Indonesia
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro


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