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Tremendous response nearly five months on Instagram

Coffee in a Cone - Image Credit Instagram/@thegrindza

Coffee with cone? You will be asked if anyone in social media Instagram is currently receiving good response, news of a surprise to fans of coffee, of course.

Then how to know more? You may find it there, go through the account of yours, and see what's trending hashtag #CoffeeInACone.

As I read it in a lifestyle site, interesting articles about coffee that being received attention, the coffee was a little thick with extra garnish white froth on it served in a crunchy ice cream cone.

I think it's an interesting idea, come on enjoy the coffee at the weekend with a special friend, you do not want to know the rest. I can tell you it can be a cool night!

But something bothering me, the hashtag could be there, after many people troop to upload photos of coffee drinks served in a cone or ice cream cone, I think this creative, trial and error, they are not using a cup or glass as usual.

You want to know how they tried in this way? Cone of ice cream coated in melted chocolate with white chocolate drizzle on it from leaking, then once the coffee is poured, they add a touch of latte art on it.

According to the story that I gained, there was a man named Dayne Levinand which became the beginning of this story, and it was first present in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is experienced people who have worked in several countries in the field of digital marketing, such as Brazil, Australia, and the United States (especially Los Angeles), certainly many ideas hanging around during his working time in distant lands.

Not a long wait, he was back at home, Johannesburg, and so was born the coffee in an ice cream cone. He really the digital marketing man, so easily play the emotions of a person who saw his work in the social media. He knew exactly how to market these products via the internet.

Coffee trend in a cone present in Instagram, and you know the rest, citing the sites Huffington Post, many restaurants adopt his work with a variety of features and characteristics of its own, though still maintaining the originality of the coffee grain. For example, at the Original Farmers Market in Los Angeles, they adding whipped cream topped with a sprinkling of powdered coffee.

You will love the variety of variants of coffee in an ice cream cone, despite many of the coffee shops have their own characteristics, for example chocolate sprinkles in the cone lips. Proven until now, people really enjoyed this kind of coffee.

Source: M Nasiri - CNN Indonesia, Huffington Post
Image: Instagram/@thegrindza


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