Traveling Solo Could Make Us Happier

Just literally, you're likely to meet other people in other places

Dreamland Beach, Bali

Meet someone in a distant place, especially when you are traveling alone, it may happen, you would want to travel to various places in various parts of the world. There is a tendency of people in big cities who want to travel alone, if this is a new lifestyle or not?

Maybe it can be asked directly to them. And there is always a lot of answers to a variety of reasons.

Some media believe it can have a positive impact, as written in a sites Huffington Post. Wrote that many positive things that can be obtained when traveling solo, a special experience that can enrich the experience yourself.

You yourself can travel, go to places that maybe you never going to, remote areas that can bring a fun and unexpected things.

Excerpts from the site KompasTravel, wrote about a survey done on the psychology of 15,000 respondents aged 18-28 years, those living in rural areas have more levels of happiness than those who live in urban areas.

Of course we agree when in a known environment, a sites Travel and Leisure, Saturday, October 22, 2016, writing about someone who has a higher level of happiness when more often meet friends.

Well, the problem may be different in urban life, the bustle of everyday life, work pressure, the less sane boss, ruler of companies that seem crazy and dismissed employees may contribute to high stress levels in urban communities.

Thus was born an activity to avoid the bustle of the big city, the hubbub of everyday, gossip and office politics, a form of consciousness wanted to be in another place, a vacation that is done alone. The article writes that traveling solo is highly recommended for those who feel tired with the urban atmosphere.

Travelling alone appears to increase the adrenaline in your body, located in a rural environment or remote places, interact with locals, get a lot of new friends, and over time the loneliness that is often experienced as a solo traveling will disappear by itself, it's time for you to feel 'me time '.

The article on the sites BBC writes about, Kyle Pennel, a solo traveler from the US said, "Communication with people then often brings happiness. Laughing together, joking, dancing, taking pictures, doing things randomly together instead be an experience like no other."

Source: S Anindiati Nursastri - KompasTravel, Huffington Post, Travel and Leisure,, BBC
Image: M Ludong


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