Selfie Stewardess on Asia Airlines

Trend to take selfie pictures not only popular among the traveler

Wing Chan - Image Credit @wingc_/IG

Beautiful stewardess can make air travel for most air passengers to be more comfortable, a little more so the assumption that there is in the mind of each passenger when the moment on the plane. Shortly looking for a place to sit in the cab, then got a friendly welcome from them, do not look at all tired and tense faces.

Today they show their beautiful faces that help the needs of passengers, flight attendants in Asia, the friendly service is the hallmark. When you're in a plane with them, it was such a short flight time.

This time they present with selfie photos on the sites Instagram, following an article published on the sites detikTravel, October 28 from a many sources.

1. Wing Chan - Hong Kong Air

She appeared confident while doing the 'selfie', with enclosed blue uniforms and red scarf classic, Miss Wing Chan looked so elegant and sweet simultaneously.

Chang Min-Chun - Image Credit @m23ichelle/IG

2. Chang Min-Chun - EVA Air

Looks cute with her duck mouth photo style, you'll love her friendly style, scratches rosy color lisptick on her lips. Green uniforms typical of EVA Air adds her graceful beauty.

Albee Chung - Image Credit @albee5433/IG

3. Albee Chung - China Airlines

A photo in the mirror feels so different, this is the popular way to take pictures in the Asian community. Usually the photo session done in the toilet mirror or any object with a glass bouncing.

Palmchanpa - Image Credit @palmchanpha/IG

4. Palmchanpha - New Gen Airways

She looks attractive, female flawless Asian specialties. Her white and blue uniform can make the men passengers just like feel at home in their long flight.

They, air stewardess seems like most of the tourists from the young age, the millenial that many of them like selfie activity, and we give respect for them in their duties. It seems they also want to enjoy selfie moments like this on the sidelines of the bustle of the flight schedule to various routes in Asia.

Source: J Randy Prakoso - detikTravel
Image: Instagram


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