Golden Week, Millions of Chinese Citizens will Travelled

Starting on October 1st to 7th, Chinese citizens got time off from work

Golden Week is a special moment for hundreds of millions of Chinese citizens, this incredible vacation opportunity, because they can leave the routine in daily activities at work. This is the moment when they are off work during the week, and at this time that the so-called "Golden Week".

This week they will forget all about the work, they will travel, shopping and recreation. Who would not want to miss it?

You will not be surprised, according to a lifestyle site, citing Fortune, on Friday, last September 30th, that the China Tourism Academy estimates that there are 589 million people who are going on vacation, and spend their time visiting attractions in the region and abroad.

Why do not you imagine, that almost half of China's population and up 12 percent from the previous year?

Undoubtedly, tourists from China will be present at many sites in various places in the world during the times in this Golden Week.

If you're diligent open news sites, the tourist spots in the country of China itself will be busy with their presence, such as the Forbidden City in Beijing to the old town of Lijiang in the south, as well as Shanghai Disneyland that just opened. As for a favorite shopping area, they will visit Nanjing Road.

Chinese tourists did attract the attention of the world for tourism, because their numbers are significant in giving financial value to tourism in the region and the world in general.

Then where they will be traveling abroad, you will know, they really liked certain countries, say like Seoul, South Korea and Phuket and Bangkok, Thailand tops the list as the main objective. Although the news is quite enthusiastic about other places, such as Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand and of course the new neighborhood that began to attract their attention, Bali and Lombok.

World tourism does have its own charm, both tourists from China as well as for the tourist areas of interest. Equally gave a positive life from various sides.

Source: R Indra - CNN Indonesia, Fortune,
Image: Ni Kadek R Riyanti


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