Beer flood hit the city of Denver

Large event of the Great American Beer Festival from 6-8 October 2016

Beer Fest

Festival and beer premiere competition in the United States that can tempt the fans of beer throughout the US mainland and tourists who are visiting this city, I think you must attend and participate in the festivities this weekend.

This event is a continuation of the previous event, Denver Beer Fest 2016, as a 'warm up' to welcome the Great American Beer Festival.

Exciting weekend when I read a story of a lifestyle site, which then writes the festivities, not less than 60 thousand beer lovers will fill the location of the event at the Colorado Convention Centre.

If you were present there, could have imagined would really feel surprise, because as a beer lover you can try 3,800 beers supplied by 800 breweries in the United States, and more severe and presented a variety of foods, as well as social activities, and talk shows on how brewing in detail.

Interesting article on the site, then the description of the event with the presence of more than 200 unique beers that are produced and served daily at home Denver beer, specialty beer bars, breweries, and gastro pubs. Even an excerpt from Lonely Planet sites in accordance of the report from Visit Denver, can describe how the atmosphere will be awakened during the event.

"Currently there are more than 60 breweries in Denver, more than 100 factories in the metro area, and 350 factories throughout Colorado. Denver's breweries more [favors] than [factory] in other American cities."

I agree to imagine this show seems great and wonderful. You can follow this great event from various other sites, you'll be sad if you want to participate in this event.

There is no chance, man! Why did this happen?

News I got from here and there, that the admission of the grand beer festival is said to have sold out in just one hour in the early summer of this year.

Maybe, if you want to get there one day, making travel planning, and prepare for next year's event. I guarantee it's more lively again.

Source: M Nasiri - CNN Indonesia, Lonely Planet
Image: R Gurning


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