Myanmar Being the Most Generous Countries

The third year for Myanmar as the most generous country in the world

Bagan, Myanmar

Giving a donation of money as a habit, then the willingness to help a stranger, and took the time voluntarily a criterion or yardstick of a charity Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), which then issued the World Giving Index.

It is a kind of measure of the level of generosity of a country, according to excerpts of a sites CNN Indonesia, or rather as an index of the country with a population that has the world's generosity.

This article takes the material from the sites Lonely Planet, who wrote about a study of the generosity of a country, where they measured it in 140 countries in the world, with a spread of 1,000 questionnaires to a number of people.

I can suspect it is, and accordingly based on the stories of travelers who have been to this country, Myanmar, they can agree on how behavior and politeness of the population of any city in the country, with its capital at Naypyidaw.

Index of CAF showed in the second position is the United States and Australia. Then another note, for example, in the category of helping strangers, Iraq ranked the highest, 81 percent, the category of volunteers to Turkmenistan by 60 percent.

Specifically Myanmar gave the impression of mystery, such as missing from mainstream media coverage, but when examined you will be amazed. The article writes that as many as 91 percent of Myanmar like to donate money to them, this is because 80-90 percent of the people of Myanmar want to apply the teachings of Buddha.


The influence of Buddhism, or as they call it Threavada Buddhism, in which donated money for good is one of the priorities. That's what makes charitable activities in Myanmar continues to rise each day than in other countries.

Can certainly give a positive image in the eyes of tourists who are looking for new tourist spots, there can be a situation, where most of the tourists who specifically have reached another popular tourist spot in the world, so it appears a new idea. Why not to Myanmar? (Slightly many recommendations from CAF can support it)

There is always something new in the world of tourism, and Myanmar may be an option.

Source: M Nasiri - CNN Indonesia, Lonely Planet, CAF
Image: D Asih Abadhy - Yangoon


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