How to Calm the Crying Toddlers inside the Plane?

The exact steps of the flight attendants on duty

A child crying in the plane would be inconvenient their parents, as experienced by a pair of young families who want to travel to a tourist destination in continental Europe.

From the airport they seemed busy taking care of their children under the age of three years, this is the first trip away since having a child. Present faces a little confused about the long journey, and how later on in the air and many other questions.

You can guess where in the course of later crying child, if the child cries grew louder, their voice will be heard by all people in the cabin. Parents will panic.

I read a travel website, they write about the expertise and lots of experience in dealing with the flight attendants things like this. Apparently, according to the workers in the air, they have some measures they do to calm the child.

Of course this could be good tips for parents who brought toddlers while on a plane.

I should cite an interview from the site, the stewardess, Via, flight attendant of Garuda Indonesia in an event Travel Fair, Saturday, October 8, 2016, "Usually we have to look at the child's parents first. Our flight attendants should not directly hold or touch a child they are just to quiet the child."

They will ask parents what can be helped, then the flight attendants would bring the children toys as a diversion and entertainer of the child. And, most likely the child is being hungry or thirsty.

But one thing is certain, they said, while on a plane together with their toddlers, it helps parents should not panic. Because if the parents panic, it is likely the child will cry louder.

There is a case that also deserve scrutiny, say you as a parent, in situations when the ways of transfer of the child with the toy is still not too effective, can do more tips. As presented by Via, the sweet stewardess, "If I have noticed, many parents soothe their toddlers a way to silence. Later, the child will stop crying from exhaustion and fell asleep."

I agree, the last way is indeed effective, because when a child is tired, they automatically will be exhausted and then sleep. That's good, isn’t it?

Source: S Agmasari - KompasTravel, Garuda Indonesia Travel Fair
Image: Singapore Airlines


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