Recommended Places to Shopping in London

Shopping as well as culinary naturally occur during the holidays

Picadilly, London

Shopping tour in London is one of the coolest activities you can do while on vacation, especially when you've been there in the atmosphere of the weekend, it would have been very unusual. Feel the aroma.

Do not forget when you order a cup of coffee in the nearby shopping, bring a newspaper to find the latest news and enjoy the atmosphere of the crowd, outstanding and you will love it.

From the news in your newspaper, a tourist site proclaiming this day of shopping places that can be recommended when you are in London, one of the top destinations for foreign tourists, because it offers various facilities such as access to transport and supply the place of family entertainment, and traveled at once shopping.

They wrote that in London, there are some places which is famous as a tourist spot of shopping, for example, you can toward the area of Covent Garden, a place to relax, people’s market, with a variety of offers, children's clothing, handbags, shoes, jewelry, candles, soaps and even there souvenirs.

Covent Garden, London

Other decent places can you go, West End neighborhood. This area is well known as a shopping center, you can find the Oxford Street, and if you still like the atmosphere, go also to the Westfield Mall. This is the newest shopping center and hype in London.

Another recommendation from Joe Beeley, Head of Prosperity/Economic Section British Embassy in Jakarta, said in an interview at a tourist site today, said, "There's a row of outlet from top brands, with a substantial discount. It became a shopping place even for UK residents."

He actually gave information a cool place, which is situated between London and Oxford, please go to Bicester Village neighborhood, which has a row of outlet famous brands at discount prices.

Well, what if you want to find culinary places? He says there are many places of interest, but he gave recommendation, a place to find fresh food at cheap prices is Borough Market.

He added, "Borough Market is located near Tower Bridge. Here you can search for fresh food, to be eaten on the spot or take away. Assorted cheeses, fish, sold fresh every day." And I'm sure it's good eating on the weekends.

Source: S Anindiati Nursastri – KompasTravel
Image: D Devi Barlian - London


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