Entrée is 'Tinder' like but for the Food

Currently only serves Los Angeles, New York, and Washington DC

You know Tinder, isn’t it?

You can search for an explanation while browsing, they told Tinder is a digital application that allows men ‘fancies’ women (vice versa) via a mobile digital platform that is based on a photo, short bio profile and mutual friends.

Similarly happens, Tinder page presents hundreds of photos of the opposite sex. Slide your finger to the right if you like the person in the photo is being performed, and slide your finger to the left if you do not like the person in the photo being displayed.

Well, this time forget about Tinder. I quote an article from a life style site, they write an cool application similar to the Tinder, but the object is “the food”. Forget about the opposite sex, although it is tempting at this weekend, isn’t it?

Frankly I would like to download, although this time according to the news, has not come out last release, so the user only limited coverage in the city of Los Angeles, New York, and Washington DC as a place to test the interest of its users.

Entrée, thus the name of this food applications like Tinder, was designed by the author as an application on the mobile phone that allows you were starving to choose and find the food to taste in a nearby region of residence.

You will be asked why the name of this application, Entrée? The article writes that in French, entrée means food types. Say you're being hungry and wanted to look for food, let's say you're not looking for any kind of food, "there is no specific taste" or "what's available."

So, here comes Entrée respond to the needs of you.

The interface is similar to Tinder, also citing the sites Food Beast, this application allows you to swipe to the right or left when choosing food at nearby restaurants. Each selection is accompanied by information and options are complete. And, the application will study the trends of choice from time to time - certainly through programming algorithm, so that option is available right from the food that you want.

Pick something. With the flexibility that you have, whether it's the opposite sex - as Tinder, or perhaps, this time, a variety of foods and restaurants, would be nice.

I believe it. But when your stomach was not empty.

Source: V Probo - CNN Indonesia, Food Beast
Image: Entrée - itunes.apple.com


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