Lights Off and Enjoy the Aurora Borealis

Reykjavik city residents turned off the lights of their homes all night

Lights dancing in the night sky in the northern region of the continent of Europe is the main attraction for tourists, even for those who become residents in the northern Europe although always enjoyed it every time.

They, the citizens of Iceland, especially in the city of Reykjavik has to know about the activity that needs to be done, but they can be said to often see the extraordinary events of this nature since childhood up to adulthood.

Of course the best way is to turn off the lights in their homes, all night, and it was made into a beautiful backdrop of light-colored shine in the sky.

Lights from the north, known as the Aurora Borealis is a phenomenon of the light blazing in the ionosphere of a planet (in this case the earth), as a result of the interaction between the magnetic field that is owned by a planet (Earth) with charged particles emitted by the Sun, so it I quote from the description on the sites Wikipedia.

In a way, there is the respect of the citizens in the northern region of the continent, even the City Council Reykjavik contribute to make the citizens of the city prepares to welcome of this northern lights, the lights on city streets helped shut down for an hour to wait for the dancing lights in air space of Iceland.

Furthermore even when the presence of light began to appear, citing the sites CNN, the local government also asked people who drive at night to be careful when crossing the settlement.

You soon know, times have changed, if at this time the role of social media makes this spectacular event increasingly popular, becoming viral dynamic that continues to be the talk of people everywhere.

Frankly, each unique moment in a country can make people want to enjoy it in person, to be a part of that, and talking about it with friends other travelers.

Travelers like the unique things, plan a trip to various places in the world, even sites that are considered extreme.

Aurora Borealis is one of the rare events and very unique, whoever wants to watch it in person, and choosing the best time to be present, around October until the beginning of March in the following year.

Source: Megiza – CNN Indonesia, CNN
Images: V Saver


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