Dutch Tourist Threatened 2 Years Prison in Myanmar

Because conducting unplug the speakers at a Buddhist temple

The Worship Room

Temple in Myanmar is a place of worship for Buddhists in this land of a thousand temples, and is the most followers in there, so it is not surprising that we often see locals seem wise when they want to the temple.

This country looks cool with their beliefs, locals are courteous and respectful of migrants, including tourists who are visiting cities across the country.

It may be a tourist is not prepared in advance with the situation in this country, the fate of the poor hit a Dutch tourist. Klaas Haytema, 30 years, walking on a sunny day in the city of Mandalay, so I read of a tourist site, detikTravel, Friday, October 7, 2016, when the temple is singing praises for the Buddha.

This incident occurred this week, thus proclaiming the article on the site, and certainly made headlines several local media in Myanmar. You know when messing with other people's beliefs, it's too risky, whatever the reason behind it.

Actually, he knows the situation there, because he has to stay a few days at a hotel in the city, and here the problems arrive, the hotel is conveniently located near a temple, perhaps he was annoyed.

The Temple of Shwedagon, Myanmar

That night the people around wondered why there was no sound coming from the temple, apparently the suspicion on him, the speakers inside the temple has been revoked the cord. He may just argued, a voice from the temple too noisy and disturb his enjoyment when he wants to sleep in the hotel.

Peoples protests and the police action, and of course anything can happen. At the police station, Klaas eventually apologized, it was not enough, the townspeople - who lost the solemn chanting of hymns of praise through the speakers - filed a lawsuit, because it is considered insulting to Buddhism.

If only he was wise enough, a complaint can be submitted at the monastery, and delivered well, now the good fortune of not being at his side, punishable by two years in prison and fines on actions taken by him.

Source: WS Widodo – detikTravel
Image: D Asih Abadhy - Yangoon


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