Traveling Giving Positive Impact for Health

3 Keys traveling that is able to bring you more healthy

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A healthy body has become a dream for anyone, you will agree with me, who would not want to live a healthy life. Even when you're traveling, you're hoping to return from a sightseeing trip, be relieved of mind and body more healthy again.

But there may be the opposite happens, if you do not plan well, less wise, vacations can actually have a negative impact on health.

Come on finding materials that can explain this, an article in a travel website, KompasTravel, in the opinion of the experts there are many ways to make vacation moment beneficial to your mental and physical health.

A doctor said in the article, it is for some people, hoping through a travel trip, that can reduce holiday stress, to relax the holiday is beneficial.

However, you deserve to be vigilant, while in tourist attractions, for some people act would be counterproductive. Some examples are given by doctors in the article, vacation instead eat a lot, not a lot of moving and lazing or even acted contrary to the home late at night from the café or entertainment venues in tourist areas.

Want more relaxing, but it brings its impact is not good for health.

How do you define the holiday? Vacation does not mean you can freely according to your heart's desire, still behave healthy way of life anywhere, including while on vacation. Stay wise to control diet and diligently move the body naturally.

According to a team of researchers from Ichan School of Medicine, University of California and Harvard also find an activity that has a tremendous impact for the physical and mental health, such activity is meditation.

Maybe we deserve to consider their research, they studied 94 women who were recruited to conduct a meditation retreat, were found in their blood are changes in the immune system which is better, the stress response is more resistant, to have fewer depressive symptoms than those who holiday but did not do meditation.

Despite the results of research that are still worth debated, but there is always a positive side which is worth considering.

A complete picture of how to maintain health through the activity of the holiday, wise to control diet balanced and diligent in moving the body (perhaps with light exercise or a walk to enjoy the atmosphere in the area of ​​travel and socializing with locals), and not forgetting the activities of meditation.

Source: Silvita Agmasari - KompasTravel
Image: N Ginting


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