Holidays for the Elderly

It is important for seniors to understand their health conditions

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Being old does not mean everything is done, of course, did not like that situation, and there is a chance for them to live a life at that age. There is always a surprise waiting for them and happy to deal with it.

You certainly know very well, and we have a parent at home is deserving in the ease of living their lives. They're older, but it does not mean their spirit lost somewhere.

An interesting article in a travel site to write about how they are when undergoing the holidays, some of the initial conditions is important for seniors to understand their own health conditions. There are a few tips worth noting.

1. Check the condition of health.

They are obliged to check the condition every morning on the way, is certainly important to be able to design activities throughout the day. Pay attention if they feel unwell, immediately consult a doctor. Even if possible in the budget travel, take along a nurse specialty.

2. Do not do a full schedule of activities.

We should encourage them not to get too tired. Say you provide enough two or two attractions, and choose for them the attractions that does not take a lot of energy and adrenaline. Could we be able to design activities that are pleasing and not too forced.

3. Do not travel too far.

They simply provide for destinations closer at distances. At age like them, maximum journey is 12 hours.

4. The lodging, transportation, and attractions are friendly to the elderly.

Many tourist attractions (we will need to conduct a survey), a hotel or a place to stay with a ladder that is not tall, make sure the food is healthy and clean, the weather is not extreme, and so forth that are appropriate to their age.

5. If you go with a group, and avoid large groups.

We should consider carefully, because the impact on their mood. Just tell me in a group of 20 people maximum. In the small group will facilitate coordination and communication. Ease in small groups are easier when handling a specific situations, if there is something specific accident or illness.

At the end of preparation before a vacation trip well, and do not need to worry excessive. Because of all ages need a travel and exchange the atmosphere, and is healthy.

Source: F Abdurachman – KompasTravel
Image: G Badarulzaman


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