Nine Type of Wine for Beginners - 2

Nine categories of wine drinks by its style

Wine in a can, new type of wine for the Millenial

Enjoying wine for the first time can indeed make you confused, even can be a hassle if you're with a friend for the weekend, it might be worthwhile to read this article and on the other, because it gives a little background.

Citing an interesting article in a lifestyle site, a little more insightful to understand the procedures and manners.

Weekend with a friend, enjoying a glass of wine at a cool café, certainly will end special. Feel the sensation of bitter and sweet wine.

Courtesy of enjoying wine will make your days more enjoyable, because understand the various types of wine in the world. Know about the time span when enjoyed in order to understand the 9 types of wine. This section is the second part of the article.

6. Light-Bodied Red Wine

The red wine has the very light dye, it feels more 'thin' compared to the older wine. This wine tasted sour and dry in the mouth, it was almost the same as putting a tea bag on the tongue.

7. Medium-Bodied Red Wine

Wine is also referred to as food wine, offering thousands of flavors with acid balance that make it compatible with various types of food, ranging from fresh salads to lasagna filled with cheese.

8. Full-Bodied Red Wine

Darkest kind, powerful, and a lot of tannin content of all kinds of red wine. Tannins may seem strange, but these substances bind to proteins in the mouth and creates the sensation of a bitter-favor that makes this drink so popular. This effect is causing this type suitable wine to complement the kind of full of fat and juicy steak food like ribeye.

9. Dessert Wine

In the late 1800s, a sweet wine more popular than dry wine, even a few more like syrup than wine. Dessert wine is now widely available dry to sweet, and some of which included 'hard' wine, generally classified in aromatic wine.

Finally we get a complete picture of the type of wine, completing 9 types of wine with an understanding of the five types of wine on the first part. We wish to make your days walking happily.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Daily Meal
Image: Mancan Wine


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