US Travelers to Europe Increased

Despite some of the major cities in Europe experienced a security breach

Musée du Louvre, Paris

Traveling to Europe became one of the destinations is expected by many world travelers, the main towns there is always a goal, especially London, Paris, Milan, Rome, Brussels, and other cities in the blue continent.

Although the security breach incidents often happened in France, precisely in Paris, a terrorist attack some time ago, then other attacks in the adjacent tourist city, Nice. Then the bomb blast at the airport in Brussels, Belgium in March that made many flights in Europe disrupted.

Another annoyance is the newest event hostage drama experienced by celebrity Kim Kardashian, on October 2, Sunday.

Government in Paris are drawing up plans, in order to overcome the conditions that threaten the image of the city and away from the safety and comfort for a tourist destination city of the world.

Nothing unexpected, such as news excerpt from the sites New York Times, the number of tourists visiting Europe is being increased, for example, recorded in April, the number of tourists from the United States increased by five percent.

It happened a vigorous tourism promotion, after the terrorist attacks took place in Belgium, a lot of travel packages at low prices to Europe. As the quote from a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia writes about the director of a company that providing luxury travel accommodations, Ovation Vacations, who felt optimistic European tourism in general and Paris in particular can be immediately recovered.

"From observations of my company, people will always go on a trip. They will always come to Paris. But sometimes, they want to try new things, more exotic, such as the Grand Canyon, Luang Prabang, the Irrawaddy River or the Mekong River," said Jack S. Ezon.

The United States government had even giving a warning to its citizens planning to travel to Europe, especially after the attack in Belgium. Other specific things that often happen in Paris, the pickpocket who interfere with the convenience of tourists.


It also got the attention of the US State Department, "Crime is very often the case in Paris. Pickpocketing is most often the case. They are targeting wallets, cell phones and other electronic equipment."

Travelers must remain vigilant, as the quote from the article on the site Town & County, Leslie Overton made a statement which was also optimistic: "If too concerned about the warning, so less pleasant holiday atmosphere. Even tend to spoil the fun."

Europe and especially France remains a favorite destination of foreign tourists, with the amount of 84.5 million visits only in 2015.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, New York Times, Town & County
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro


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