Hello Kitty in a New Form of a Wine Bottle

The new beverage result of a collaboration of Japan and Italy

Hello Kitty Wine

Wine from Italy, Torti Winery in collaboration with Sanrio, the Japanese company of the owner of a popular character, Hello Kitty. The real form of the result of their collaboration is the production into two types, namely sparkling white and pink rose, which has become the color of the identity of Hello Kitty.

You probably already know the work of Sanrio, so popular in the world, in 2004, Hello Kitty penetrate markets in more than 60 countries around the world, became a subculture that represent Japanese culture and have a specific fan, even those presenting a café for its loyal fans, and other products such as dim sum and beer, white female cat character with typical ribbon in the left earlobe.

They now feel confident to produce new products, such as Pink Rose Wine made from pinot noir and chardonnay, whereas for type Sparkling White, made from pinot noir grapes, although there will be not sold in Japan or Italy.

As the quote from a lifestyle site, their products are made with sincerity, citing the website of The Daily Meal, "We produce this special bottle with a heart, just to Hello Kitty," said Torti Winery owner, Patrizia Torti.

You can see for yourself in real, that the products resulting from the processing of their wine, created specifically for the adorable cat character, but their wine sales Hello Kittty made unlimited.

Then where fans can obtain this wine? It seems not that easy, though according to the news, that Torti family is planning to make as much as possible and distributes this wine.

You can only enjoy it in a certain place, per glass or per bottle in restaurants Antonello Ristorante in Southern California, starting October 12.

But you can look for the wine, may be present in your town, although the story continues with the promotion of the restaurant, guests not only enjoy this beautiful wine, because also present other treats, some of the food served to the theme of Hello Kitty.

Source: Megiza, Indonesia CNN, The Daily Meal, Los Angeles Times
Image: Hello Kitty/Sanrio


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