Wine Fountains of Ortona

You can find this fountain in a drinking tap located in Caldari

Ortona from the sea

The Ortona Fountain that offers wine river is able to make citizens feel pampered, which makes you as a traveler can obtain freshness though, for someone who thirst with an abundance of wine.

You can imagine if the pilgrims who have come a long way, people who are undergoing worship in Cammino di San Tommaso.

Great article on the Sunday I was quoting from a lifestyle site, wrote about the thousands of people who make pilgrimages, as well as the tourists who are interested in this ritual, on the way from Rome to Ortona, visit the city's cathedral where the remains of Thomas, one one of Jesus' disciples kept.

It becomes a moment for followers of religious tourism, it is interesting to participate in this trip, and you have the opportunity to experience first-hand, public drinking fountains which opened last weekend, it is surprising for anyone.

Because you will get a different freshness, public water taps located in a coastal town of Caldari, Ortona in Abruzzo region, and feel the delights of running out of wine.

You will be able to feel the aroma of a moment of religious tourism that is packed with graceful, as written on a Facebook page of Dora Sarchese Vineyard, the site quotes from The Local, "Wine fountain here was a warm welcome, and this fountains is a poem."

You do not think this is the place to indulge, place to have fun on the weekend, or want to get drunk, or as an act of self-publicity. It is not that.

Indeed, most of the Italians knew in advance that some of the fountains in this pizza's country has been used to distribute the wine, but only on special occasions such as a local festival. For example, in the city of Marino, south of Rome, you can find the white wine tap will be open for one hour, in each annual event's wine festival in Marino.

This is different, in spite of this fountain is not the first time in Italy, but the fountain of the Ortona that offers a river of wine at any time, you can try the tastes of each day, any time.

Source: Megiza - CNN Indonesia,, Daily Mail
Image: raboe001 via Wikipedia


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