Trip to England? Ask a UK Visa Application

How to apply for a visa when you want to land of the Queen Elizabeth

London, UK

England travel does take its own way in obtaining a visa, especially for tourists from countries that do not receive a visa-free facility. There are certain countries in the world that has a very strong passports, so no need to apply for visas.

But the situation is different if the country does not have such facilities, a step normally is to apply for visas according to the procedure presented by Joe Beeley, Head of Prosperity/Economic Section British Embassy in Jakarta, in an interview with a tourist site in the event Travel Fair, Friday, October 7th, 2016.

Come to the British Embassy, he said, the UK visa application process is relatively easy. Although some friends say is quite difficult and may even get rejection.

They say the British visa is valid for six months, and during that period, you are free to enter the UK without the need to re-apply. Even so, we need to learn tips on filing, in order to run smoothly, as described in the sites UK Visas & Immigration.

1. Ask early

The visa application at least three months before the departure date, keep ahead of the holidays or other holidays. Should submit as early as possible.

2. Select the appropriate visa

Some types of visa to visit the UK depends on the purpose of travel and how long you will live. It is important to choose the type of visa you are right, and knowing what can and can not do with each type of visa.

3. Check the required documents

Provide supplementary document, which can vary depending on the type of visa that is submitted. Then check what documents are needed for application in the sites:

Make sure all your documents ready when you apply for a visa and do not need to rush.

4. Pay the Visa

Visa fees depending on the type and duration of visa, make sure you have sufficient funds for the cost of the visa and your dependents. Cost dependents amount equal to the principal applicant.

Further information can be found on the sites:

5. Select a priority if you need a visa in quick time

At the time of the scheduled departure time draws near, you can use the service is a priority, because it can put your visa application is first in line in a matter of days.

6. Alternative service is a priority of Passback Passport

Passback Passport service that allows the applicant to hold a passport for visa processing.

Further information can be found at:

7. Proof of reservation/booking

As part of the visa application process, show proof of reservation or booking especially accommodation. Although the British Embassy advised the applicant for not confirm any orders until the visa has been granted.

The above procedure was necessary in order to be granted the opportunity to be able to open. Regardless there are several complaints related to the submission that failed and not as easy as imagined. Eg filing a tourist visa, visa risk missing the filing fee, as well as guarantee money in the bank is not recognized.

But worth a try.

Source: S Anindiati Nursastri - KompasTravel, UK Visas & Immigration
Image: Pingkan Djayasupena


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