Coffee Countries without Coffee Plantation

Italy is known for the various types of coffee blends, such as espresso, macchiato, caffe latte, frappeo

Coffe Sant Eustachio, Rome

The Cappuccino is one other than those mentioned above, similar to a latte, but are made in one-third or more precise proportion is one-third espresso, one third steamed milk and one third milk foam.

Well, speaking of coffee of course we will be familiar with a variety of coffee concoction above, and you will realize then that all manner of presentation of coffee that comes from one country, Italy.

You're not going to disagree with me, this country is known as the land of coffee.

I'm looking for articles on a travel site, that Italy was the first country in Europe to recognize the coffee after being delivered from Egypt. I think it definitely has a long story, among others recounted how at that time the merchants to send copies through the city of Venice, with the first coffee shop in 1683, and then more shops spread out in every corners of the city.

A coffee expert from Italy, Export Manager of Zicaffe coffee machine maker, Giuseppe Trovato, as written on the site, said that the Italians created a technique to make coffee, the espresso, which is then processed and mixed with various other materials so that a cappuccino, caffe latte, and etc.

Italy is known to be creative to create variants of coffee specialty, for example espresso synonymous with Venice, Viennese cappuccino served with chocolate and cinnamon mixture in Trentino, and special blended hazelnut cream coffee from Napoli.

Tobing Estate Coffee Plantation, Pengalengan, West Java

But. You'd be surprised, the land of coffee, so people say, the barista in Italy continue to use imported coffee from Brazil, Vietnam, or Indonesia. Now you know, don’t you?

Giuseppe Trovato acknowledged that Italy does not have a coffee plantation, he said, "There is no coffee plantations in Italy. Some countries are synonymous with something, does not mean its production there. Let's see the UK is synonymous with tea, the raw material from Sri Lanka and India. Similarly with chocolate in Switzerland."

Despite that, people recognize, the country does have a long history of coffee. They have the ability to process a variety of coffee blends. It's okay, then.

Source: S Anindiati Nursastri – KompasTravel
Images: Pingkan Djayasupena, Tobing Estate


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