Raja Ampat will Colourise Times Square

Will complete the four iconic Indonesian tourism first appeared

Raja Ampat

Tourism in Indonesia is being heavily promoted by the government, through the hard work of the Ministry of Tourism, among others, since September 26 until October 24, 2016 has been present four iconic of Indonesian tourism in Times Square, New York.

In the previous article, has delivered about exciting promotional advertising in a strategic area in one of the busiest centers in the world, Times Square.

There is no doubting the impact strength on sale in the region in the city of New York, where more festive and bright in the face of the earth, as submitted by the New Yorker, the name of the citizens of New York, when describing the crowds of Times Square.

You can view any of the charm of the advertising lights in Times Square, which is always synonymous with giant billboards with millions of incandescent light bulbs in 24 hours.

The steps from the Indonesian government to promote its attractions are right, especially since the end of September, some of the icons of tourism has been present in New York, such as Borobudur Temple in Central Java, G-Land Coast in Banyuwangi, Gebogan in Bali and Komodo National Park in Labuan Bajo.

Well, these promotional measures do not stop, this time an exotic place in the eastern end of the archipelago, from the diving region of ​​Raja Ampat in Papua will enliven the heart of New York. With promotional billboards will be installed today in downtown Times Square, New York, following four other Indonesian tourism icons billboards, according to news excerpts of travel sites KompasTravel, Monday, October 3, 2016 afternoon.

Wayag Islands, Raja Ampat

The article writes, Raja Ampat billboards will be installed at 5 Times Square and 42nd St (Panel 5) F/N with a size of 36 x 85 feet. Explanation of the Head of Communications Media Lounge, Elizabeth Hutagaol, that specifically for the promotion of diving tourism for the region, Raja Ampat will begin today, "For the Raja Ampat region will begin today October 3 to 30 October."

There will be choices for tourists from the region were selected based on traveler preferences of the United States, and the October is the month that most appropriate to decide on a sightseeing trip.

Indonesia is an interesting choice, given the diversity of tourist attractions that is unique and has its own characteristics.

Source: WA Prodjo - KompasTravel, Ministry of Tourism Indonesia
Image: Setiadi Darmawan, Helda M Wowiling


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