Closer to Typical Italian Coffee Blend

Italy is known not only as a culinary country, such as pasta to pizza

Coffe Sant Eustachio, Rome

Black coffee as a dish that you can enjoy in the afternoon after undergoing a routine in the office, on Monday underwent horrific, and the face of the boss is so annoying.

You may forget the coffee are you enjoy, because it speaks of coffee like you're enjoying coffee specialties from Italy, say a cup of espresso.

I'm looking for other references of a tourist site, they wrote about coffee, how to enjoy Italian-style coffee. An interview with the Italian barista, Eduardo Vastolo, that their country is no different from the usual habits you know, "If you are into Italy and order a coffee, you will be given an espresso. You ask the others, we give espresso. Espresso in Italy has always been about."

Perhaps you can see how the Italian coffee country, you often drink espresso for example, later in the day to get the fact that they did not expect, because let's say in the region of Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia, Singapore or Malaysia, even the many emerging coffee shops is the coffee shop from the United States.

Well, here the story more interesting, as soon know the facts about the differences between presentation techniques of Italian-style coffee with coffee from the United States.

Coffee espresso has become the hallmark of Italy, said Eduardo, look at the way it's presented in a small cup of espresso. You know by now, since all came from different habits, Americans drink coffee using a large mug.

Now do you remember the term americano coffee also came from Italy, when speaking specifically of black coffee. The article writes that the americano coffee is not the type of coffee, but rather like a cappuccino or caffe latte, it refers to a coffee concoction. Literally, to get an americano is by mixing espresso with water.

Eduardo adds jokingly, "There are Americans who asked for coffee, we give a espresso with a small cup, he kept asking over and over again until finally he said he wanted a large mug. Finally we move to the big cups of espresso and added water."

That grain and americano coffee concoction growing, because it is presented to the United States at that time.

Monday is always shocking and exhausting, all could end up in an afternoon, in a cool café, and you can order a cup of coffee. I thought it was the best time to taste typical Italian coffee blends.

Source: M Chairunisa - KompasTravel
Image: Pingkan Djayasupena


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