Make Your Long-haul Flights More Comfortable

Challenges in overcoming boredom, fear, confusion even on long trips

The Passengers

Long-haul flights of apparently did little to bring doubt to many passengers, there are some basic feelings that are present in the minds of anyone who was in the cabin.

For anyone who has ever experienced a long-distance flight, knows what he/she thinks, even before leaving and while still in the waiting room, there were a lot of feeling in their mind, thoughts jumbled, imagine the length of flight are they going through it later.

Instead of feeling happy, but counter-productive, feeling bored, worried and a little confused. This time I'm looking for some tips that I think is pretty good, in a tourist site, the suggestions of Melissa Hoyer was quoted as written in

Bring a scarf or shawl

Scarf or cloth medium-sized to large, because it can be used as a blanket or a pillow barrier with the passenger next to your chair.

Bring a small-sized moisturizer (For women)

Moisture is small in size as the provision of face care, in order not to create additional weight of the luggage.

Use socks

Using socks can keep your feet warm.

Prepare a plan as possible

You shall prepare a visa, medical insurance, and flight schedules. Even you are also advised to bring an adapter for electricity affairs.

Stay longer

You could be like a place of interest, so decided to stay a little bit longer which could be spent on vacation. Since the beginning, you have to imagine it, so as not to bore flights.

Avoid routine jobs

It should forget for a moment the affairs of the job. All matters related to the routine, for example, reply to incoming e-mails, do after you finished going on vacation.

Bring a neck pillow

Flights are not always convenient, especially for the airline to the economy class, unless you take a business class. Neck pillow can help reduce the potential for neck pain.

Dry shampoo

Useful for washing your hair, dry shampoo is right when traveling in long distances. Wash your hair but in a way that is dry.

Pack items neatly (For women)

Bringing beauty case tools, package these items such as scissors, combs, tweezers neatly. Need to not be rejected when passing through security checks.

Fill the immigration card quickly

Finish quickly, as soon as the cabin crew gave it. Next you can rest in your long-long flight.

Drink plenty of water

Flight distance makes you dehydrated, so you need to prepare a mineral water, so as not to become dehydrated.

Avoid uploading boarding pass

You do not want to experience bad luck, isn’t it? Do not upload boarding pass to the social media, because the information contained on the boarding pass can be hacked by a netizen who intends unfavorable.

Source: W Adityo Prodjo – KompasTravel,
Image: M Kretyawan


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