Before You Use Credit Cards Abroad

4 tips to keep your credit card into a friend who helped

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Save money with a credit card is like a dream, because without knowing when holding a credit card as if all can be affordable. It turned out that all just imagination, if you can not control yourself, danger awaits you.

Now it needs to find a way to cope with the credit card to be a friend who will help when we are in travel abroad.

There are two sides worthy of attention when we use it, as a friend and on the other hand is able to harm if it fails to transact or exposed to high costs.

I think there is always a way of making it useful as a travel companion, you would want it. Citing articles on a portal site,, give some good tips.

1. Ensure that no transaction fees in the currency of the destination country

Make sure the credit card used does not charge for transactions with foreign currency while abroad. There is fee applies to certain credit cards.

Like a Credit Card issued by UK banks, wearing Non Sterling Transaction Fee abroad.

Maybe most of the credit card of your country has not provided information and clarity about this in the promotion and the product description cards.

We recommend that you ask about the cost of this to the bank credit card providers before leaving to travel abroad. If not, you can receive additional charges you are not aware of previously.

2. Use the same provider engine with a credit card logo

If yours with Visa credit card, you should transacting with its payment machine, a sort of electronic data capture (EDC), which is also with Visa. Similarly, if your credit card with MasterCard logo.

Ask the EDC bearing with the same logo on your credit card to the waiter or the owner of the merchant where you transact. If the machine is different transactions with the logo on your credit card, you will be subject to a surcharge. Try to avoid those costs, would be enough to save expenses.

3. Inform the bank

Before leaving for tourist destinations abroad, you should notify the bank credit card providers to be opened for access in the country to be addressed.

You can contact the bank office or call to the phone banking service.

If you do not notify the bank, credit card transactions abroad can not be recognized by the bank payment system, so that a credit card can not be used or blocked.

If your credit card is blocked, it will make you be bothered, so you have to pay all of your need to pay in cash.

4. Use a credit card bank based in your country

Some residents of your country to have credit cards issued by foreign banks, for savings or investing abroad.

The use of credit cards issued by foreign banks that do not have offices in your country, could cause significant consequences other costs such as the Value Added Tax (VAT) on transactions or also the Income Tax.

As long as you traveled abroad, you should use credit cards from banks based in your country. For example, state-owned banks, private banks, or foreign bank that has an operational office in your country.

Of course, it makes easier to take care of various transactions and costs that arise after you return from your great trip.

Study it carefully, no need to rush, you want your tour as planned. Use your credit card with a comfortable and secure. Have a Good Vacation!

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Image: W Sjahran


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