Make Your "Selfie Traveling" More Cool!

Do not be shy, now almost all the tourists in the world do

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Selfie when Traveling has become a sort of magic word, somehow everyone, and probably almost all of them want to engage in this activity, said a friend of mine yesterday.

Someone sent me a message, she had read an article about the selfie on this blog a few days ago, and was not satisfied with its contents. I thought for a moment want to know, why?

Then I sought another article as a comparison, maybe she wants to get information about the equipment or components, in order to meet her expectations. Well, try the following selfie article that I quote, hope she will be a little bit happy.

Some things can be noted, do not let your face filled the screen, so that the tourist places totally invisible. Do not also stand on the edge of a cliff or other dangerous places to avoid the risk of falls, safety is more important! You do not want to fall into the abyss, isn't it?

Other citations can be obtained from the article which is also contained on the sites USA Today that provide 4 tips to make better selfie.

1. Travel tripod

What if you momentarily forget selfie stick? Now put on a travel tripod which can be folded, small and light. Travel tripod made of carbon fiber, steel and lighter than aluminum. Recommendation brand is "Gorillapod".

2. Specific applications for selfie

If you want better selfie photos, download a special application for the selfie, eg "Facetune" and "Retrica", because it can brighten the face and had several other beauty features.

3. Fish Eye Lens

The reliable lenses and clamp shaped, you do not need to carry a DSLR camera, because the fish eye lens can take selfie pictures more cool.

You can use small-sized lenses for cameras mounted on the front of the phone.

4. LED selfie case

Selfie at night with the mobile phone case with LED lights on the front lights up when taking a photo, make your face brighter.

Recommended brand case of this type is "LuMee", and purchased through the online sales site.

And travel from you will be more intense, regardless of equipment should you proceed before, and of course with good preparation, as well as friends in an enjoyable trip.

Source: S Anindiati Nursastri - KompasTravel, USA Today
Image: V Saver


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