No Longer Sell Tickets Animal Tourist Attraction

TripAdvisor refuse the travel promotion of animal attractions

White Tiger, Singapore Zoo

Pet tourist attractions does have its own fans in the world, especially for certain circles and certain age that would involve the whole family.

The moment that is always awaited by family members at the time to spend vacation time or when traveling in a tourist area.

But the attractions like this does have a dark side, because it involves animals that are endangered. Well, something like this to the attention of a travel review website, TripAdvisor.

They saw the side is not positive, so it decided to no longer sell tickets for tourist attractions associated with animals began to set in the next year, they sell a wide variety of tourist attractions tickets, through its subsidiary, Viator.

It's like a domino effect, since previous similar moves have been made by such companies such as Intrepid Travel, Responsible Travel and STA Travel.

Let us look at the official information from TripAdvisor, as the quote from an article in a lifestyle site CNN Indonesia, that it tends to exploit animal attractions including, among others, riding elephants, tigers ran to swim with dolphins.

"TripAdvisor stick to the philosophy that tourists have the right to be able to write a review of a tourist trip, good or bad."

Are we not going to see the animal attraction in the future? Then what kind of criteria they can be consumed by the public?

Do not worry. Quoting the article in The Independent, on Wednesday, October 12, Viator still sell some tickets animal attractions, and even sell tickets to SeaWorld, theme parks that predicted treat their animals with impunity. Of course there is a way out, because the animal attractions can apply in a humane manner, such as feeding, with direct escort or volunteer animal protection experts.

Good policy of TripAdvisor and received a positive response from many quarters, including from animal protection community in the UK, WWF UK.

Traveled should be done in a healthy way, citing that lifestyle site, as said by Heather Sohl of WWF UK, "The tour is a very large business, but sometimes the effect is inversely proportional to the nature. One example is that tiger farms are used as tourist attractions, which actually triggered the pet trade."

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, TripAdvisor, The Independent
Image: M Kretyawan


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