Elderly Also Needs Holiday

Each age category need treatment and different tastes for vacation

Tourists relaxing while eating ice cream, Stockholm

Holiday for the elderly? That's the question for many people, whether they, the elderly do indeed need a vacation in their old age it? I myself is difficult to answer, given their fragile bodies, and the ever-present concern.

Well, I found an article in a travel website, they wrote that the elderly also need a vacation and sightseeing tours. It seems that way.

Exciting review, all ages need a vacation, only really needs to be observed that there are different treatments and ways. And according to an international community of elderly, Elm Wood, that age are included in the category of the elderly are starting from 55 years upwards.

As one doctor who is also a manager of the community, "Elderly it takes a lot to move. It takes sweat due to the activity of the body."

It becomes elderly does not mean to stop the move, they just have to move every day, only age-appropriate levels.

Elderly people need a supportive environment, they also need to socialize, as expected in any community, and of course the holiday. And, I understand the activity in the community of Elm Wood, developing needs of tourism for the elderly, especially elderly travelers from various countries.

Rating of the elderly can do healthy activities, ranging from understanding the local culture, then the activity of cooking, gardening, playing music instrument, even carried around the village with local specialties vehicle which lasted vacation spot.

Basically they need a friendly holiday travel for their age, not too dense and easy to do activities.

Notes from a travel site, KompasTravel, that tourists not only for the young and productive, but it can also come from those who are elderly, according to predictions released by the community Elm Wood, elderly tourists mostly came from China – 101.238.124 peoples, United States – 37.305.527 people, Japan – 25.551.282 people, Russia - 20.576.670 people, Germany – 16.044.262 people, Netherlands – 2.341.787 people, and Australia – 2.654.595 people.

Many tourist destinations are feasible for them, though with consideration of distance, time spent traveling to a tourist spot, and not draining and not too imposing.

Friendly for their age, adequate infrastructure and tastes of attractions suitable for the elderly.

Source: F Abdurachman - KompasTravel, Elm Wood
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro


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