Weekend with Cakemoji

That combined cake and funny emoji shaped

Cakemoji - Image Credit @tlcatsbakery

Cake and emoji merged into one, and they finally agreed to become the new variant of a type of cake. Well ... Is it such a thing could happen? Maybe for the fans of this cake cake can be welcomed with joy.

The cake was previously introduced on microblogging site Twitter, and look with gorgeous at the @tlcatsbakery account. I think this is really interesting, let's say one day in a cafe, hanging out with friends on weekends, and enjoy it with a variety of digital icons to express an idea or emotion, from a hearty laugh to cry expression and other funny expressions.

A lifestyle website write that the unique emoji being able to make some creative people moved to take advantage of business opportunities, you know some of them, isn't it?

Mention her name Jenni Powell, who later became known by her book inspired others to make this type of cake, Cakemoji, combined cake and emoji. Jenni is known as the owner of a pastry shop, Two Little Cats Bakery in Cambridge, England.

Of course in the beginning she was being conservative, made a cake with standard forms, such as a robot, then another idea comes to make a pie shape like human organs, a form of kidney. Citing the site, she said, "It was made to celebrate one year of successful young woman donated a kidney to his uncle."

Well, the idea is getting wild, she decided to make a cake shaped poop emoji, funny and easy to make, even for a beginner.

"Poop cake is very simple, fun and mischievous, without sounding not polite."

From here she got another offer, after her success with a cupcake with decorative poop emoji - complete with eyes and mouth - from a publishing company to create a recipe of emoji book themed.

Her work continues to grow, various types of forms successfully created, several other emoji like a birthday cake, cats, dogs, expression laugh, even a bomb-shaped cake.

"No emoji that can not be made into a cake."

She continued to give encouragement to the lovers of cake, because certain types of emoji quite difficult to do for beginners. No need to be sad when their home-made emoji cakes not been formed as desired.

"Because the cake is made to be eaten and enjoyed." Okay, let's take that cakemoji cake, and do not forget to order in advance a cup of coffee.

Source: M Nasiri - CNN Indonesia, Washington Post
Image: Twitter/@tlcatsbakery, Two Little Cats Bakery


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