Climate Change Can Make Tourism Objects Extinct

5 famous sights in the world are threatened with extinction

The Canal of Venice

Holidays to Venice, might one day be history, along with the impact of climate change that constantly hit the area around the romantic city.

Many definitions of climate change, for example, a quote from Wikipedia is that there will be significant changes in the weather pattern is calculated based on the statistics in the time range of tens to hundreds of years.

Certainly a change occurs in the long span of time, unknowingly in a region, including countries in the world with attractions, a day may be places of tourist area could become extinct. Vanished from the earth.

Do you have plans to one of these places? Maybe one day be able to plan a trip there. As an article of a lifestyle site, write about some of the natural attractions that could one day disappear from our sight, anyone, including tourists.

1. The Great Barrier Reef - off the coast of northeast Australia

Regions along the 2,253 kilometer, large occupancy for coral reefs in the world, and became mandatory area - for diving enthusiasts. This area was worried by rising sea temperatures, is bad for coral reefs.

2. Alps - Europe

Paradise for tourists who love skiing exercise, but the rise in temperature of the earth makes its permafrost has begun to thaw. As a result, the duration of the ski travel becomes shorter than in previous years.

3. The Rhone Valley - south of France

Wine-making region, the largest in the world with a view of the vineyards along the 193 kilometers. The global temperature increase affects the vine harvests also change the taste of the wine produced.

4. Venice - Italy

No doubt about the scenery, beautiful like a painting, with a meandering river flow coming from the Adriatic Sea. This luxury can be ended with the increase in temperature of the earth, flooding streams that are usually quiet.

5. Amazon - South America

The world's largest rain forest holds many wealth of flora and fauna are endangered. The increase in temperature of the earth to make things uncertain, flora and fauna are endangered because they can not survive when the rainy and dry season lasts extreme.

Indeed, a sense of caring from anyone, mankind, and of course tourists, perhaps with a visit to one of the region or the attraction, then can move the hearts to participate in the act of saving the environment. Hopefully.

Source: E Priherdityo – CNN Indonesia, The Huffington Post
Image: Pingkan Djayasupena


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