Nine Type of Wine for Beginners - 1

Various types of wine are grouped into nine categories based on style

Wine in a can, new type of wine for the Millenial

Drinking wine may be the new craze for some urban communities, but sometimes it can make your friends who for the first time to try maybe found many baffled.

I've asked some people who say that indeed enjoy wine there are provisions that need to be recognized, the ways to enjoy the bitter, bitter but delicious from a glass of wine. Citing an article in a lifestyle site, I can tell the picture clearly.

They write that there are nine varieties of wine that needs to be attempted by beginners with a complete picture of the type of wine that exist around the world. And a special note in need enjoy the time span in order to understand it properly by its manner.

1. Sparkling Wine

The most famous types of this kind is Champagne. The amount of carbon dioxide that is high enough fermented or injections, usually white or yellow, but there are red like the Italian Brachetto, Shiraz from Australia, and the Azerbaijani made from Madrasa grapes.

2. Light-Bodied White Wine

Relatively light, easy to drink, and included in the dry white wine is most often sold in the world. Shaped like beer but made from grapes. It is suitable for people who like savory foods with quite strong herbal flavor.

3. Full-bodied White Wine

Suitable for lovers of red wine because it tastes rich but soft. Different than white wine is the involvement of wine making techniques with aging using oak casks. The technique is the same as the old whiskey, but the wine has a softer character.

4. Aromatic White Wine

Including the type of the oldest wine in the world comes from the Greek. They say that Cleopatra was like this type of wine. Feel the exploded sensation, perfumed and fragrant aroma.

5. Rose

Red, but lighter than the red wine, the color of rose wine obtained through the grape skins are joined together with juice soaked for several days. Famous in France in the period of the 1700s after imported from England. In the UK, rose wine called claret, because its signature color.

The article continues on the second part, and you can recognize other types of wine, number six and so on. It's very nice if one day be able to give it a try.

Continue to Part 2.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Daily Meal
Image: Mancan Wine


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