Stress-Free Travel from the Stewardess - 1

8 suggestion that take place without the stress of travel

Holidays in popular tourist spots in the world has been a dream, it was never debated by the tourists, they will agree to talk about the tourist places featured in the world.

Well, when it is in a lot of travel are you travel this time, it was never out of the trip in the air, by aircraft. This time you read a good tips from a travel site.

Good, because that gives advice is based on a review of the flight attendants.

1. Sit in the back row

I admit that I prefer the front row, because first off the plane. It turned out that the flight attendants will argue passengers back row even more often served, because it is close to the galley.

A seat in the back row can avoid the interference of crying and whining little child/toddlers, who was sitting in the front row or middle.

"We do not respond to the call passenger in front row, because they do not want to go back and forth and interfere with the passenger sitting around the corridors. In a way, passengers back row got the service over the maximum."

2. Bring hair straightening tool

This tool is useful for those who travel frequently on business, officially setting into one of the items that must be taken. Sometimes clothes are taken not in immaculate/neatly condition again.

"A number of air supply outlet in every seat. In order to save time, passengers can bring a tool to iron the hair straightening its shirt as he sat down."

3. Note the bedspreads and blankets

Travelers need to be a little careful, because often immediately lay down on the bed to rest upon arrival at the hotel. Chances are they will suffer from itchy skin, a flight attendant reminded to pay attention to the folds of the sheets and blankets on the mattress that has not been laid.

"Do not sleep on a hotel mattress sheets and blankets folded neatly and not wrinkled. Most likely, the cleaning staff did not replace it."

4. Use a hanger with clamp

Traveling across country often makes jet-lag after arriving in the destination country, so you need extra rest. A flight attendant advised to clamp the curtain with the hanger with a clamp.

"No need to cross borders airport security carrying iron tongs. Use hangers with a clamp to seal curtain of light coming in."

I still have other good suggestions from the flight attendants, as the quote from the sites Independent, but you can read on the sequel to the second part of the article on this blog.

Continued in Second Part.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, The Independent
Image: Garuda Indonesia


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