Scarlett Johansson Diet, Her Shop Continues to Open

"Yummy Pop" on Saturday will be a week old since October 22

Scarlett with her team, Paris - Image Credit Yummy Pop

"Sexiest Woman Alive" was the writing of journalists in the world of entertainment media, and Scarlett is still continues to maintain health, fitness and body shape as well, she underwent a series of strict diet.

I thought she was pretty consistent, according to a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, that she continues to maintain pursuant to instructions from her personal trainer, Bobby Strom, she just ate some food in small portions per day. As written on the website Foods 4 Better Health, these foods include oatmeal, vegetables, fruits and protein-rich salad.

Scarlett only eat a limited basis, but that does not mean she becomes bored, and ignore all, Scarlett did not want to limit it. According to her testimony, she still eat sweet foods and cheeseburgers.

She will consider everything, after completing the last flurry in the movie “Avengers", because since last week to undergo a new racket, since October 22, she was in Paris with a gourmet popcorn shop in the Marais district.

Her shop immediately receive media coverage, such as AFP, quoted by Travel and Leisure, directly present to be able to cover the latest news.

She look beautiful there, Scarlett Johansson, 31 years, accompanied by her husband, of French descent, Romain Dauriac, and you will soon find out that they seemed busy serving the guests who have been present since some time ago.

The crowd of prospective buyers - and of course the fans themselves - can see the different types of displays of food presented, popcorn with a wide selection of toppings; sea ​​salt and olive oil, truffle Parmesan and sage, strawberries and cream, and Vermont native cheese.

Scarlett said it seemed like a dream come true, citing the E! News, "It's been a dream of mine and my family for several years to bring America's favorite snack to Europe favourite city.

She descended directly serve the guests, serve some food to consumers, it appears the sister of Romain was helping manage the store.

Culinary indeed can be a bridge of friendship between nations, she hopes Yummy Pop become a snack favored by Parisians. Cities that she loves, Paris and New York.

Source: V Probo - CNN Indonesia, Foods 4 Better Health, Travel and Leisure
Image: Yummy Pop Pages


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